Xperia Z5: How to Switch Volume Profile to Silent

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Sony Xperia Z5 doesn’t come with the quick settings which allow switch the phone into Vibrate/Silent mode. Since we do not like to install widget and tools to make it work, here is the trick to switch Xperia Z5 to Vibrate/Silent mode which many people may not aware.

We used to press the volume down until it enters vibrate mode. But there is a better way to do it.

How to Switch Xperia Z5 to Silent/Vibrate Mode

Here is the trick.

  1. Press on Volume Up/Down button, either one will work. On the top left, tap on the Vibrate/Silent icon


  2. Tap One more time on the Vibrate icon will enter DND / Interrupt mode


  3. A tap on the DND icon will switch to normal phone ringing profile.


That is the quick tips, without installing additional widget or apps 😉 If you have better apps to manage it, do share with us too.