Twitter Link with Facebook

You have a twitter account and would like link it with Facebook, is it Possible? Yes Of course, social networking has been part of the blogger tools to promote their blog and sharing resources. Here is the simple way to link your Twitter with Facebook account.

Link Facebook Status Update with Facebook Twitter

Follow the step below to link your Twitter account with Facebook.

  • Log on to with your userid and password.
  • Go to
  • Allow Twitter apps to access to your Profile
  • Log in with your Twitter Account information

Try to twit something on your Twitter, after few minutes, it will appear on your Facebook status.

Some of your might not want everything you tweet on Twitter appear on Facebook status, you might interest to link it with Twitter with Selective Tweets, it will only link your twitter post when you tag #fb at the end.

Link Facebook Status with Selective Tweets

  • Log on to
  • Go to
  • Allow Selective Tweets access to your profile
  • Log on with your Twitter account
  • Tweet something on your Twitter in the end add the #fb tag, after few minutes you should see the update on your status.