OS X Lion Macports Install

OS X Lion Macports Install How-to

OS X Lion Macports InstallOS X Lion Macports install is not that difficult at all. By installing Macports, you can enjoy more than 10,000 packages such as apache, php, mysql, postgresql, wireshark, nmap and many more cool tools. For a newbie, it might be complicated on the installation, you can follow our step by step installation guide below to install have OS X Lion Macports install.

OS X Lion Macports Install with Xcode 4.1

OS X Lion Macports install required Xcode 4.1. The latest released of Xcode 4.1 is supporting the latest Mac OS X Lion operating system. What is with Xcode 4.1? Xcode 4.1 has the base compiler, kernel, c++ library in order to have OS X Lion install with gcc library compilation.

OS X Lion Macports Install, Where to Get Xcode 4.1

Xcode 4.1 is released on Apple Developer connection, it also released on App Store. If you have OS X Lion installed, you should be able to access App Store via Apple top menu bar as shown below. Make a search on the search bar and you will be able to see Xcode Developer Tools which release at Version 4.1 for OS X Lion.

OS X Lion Macports Install

OS X Lion Macports Install

The download size of Xcode is at 3GB++, it will take some time for the download. After Xcode 4.1 has been downloaded, you can install via Apple installer by following the step by step procedure.

OS X Lion Macport Install, Lets Begin

OS X Lion Macports install can be easily done via dmg disk image, which released for OS X Lion by Macports team on recent OS X Lion Release. OS X Lion Macports install disk image download link is available on Macports’ download page.

After OS X Lion Macports install disk image has been downloaded, open or mount the disk image, follow the on screen installer to complete the download.

OS X Lion Macports Install a Package

After installation, get the latest packages database from macports server via command below

$ sudo port -v selfupdate

After packages database has been updated, lets try to search for nmap package from Macports.

$ port search nmap
nmap @5.51 (net)
Port scanning utility for large networks

p5-nmap-scanner @1.0 (perl)
Perform and manipulate nmap scans using perl

Found 2 ports.

There are two ports has been found, but we are going to install nmap version 5.51, the other port is for Perl library package.

$ sudo port -v install nmap

Above command will proceed with nmap package installation, after installation has been done. You can run nmap command and play around with it.

OS X Lion Macports Install. What’s Next

OS X Lion Macports install isn’t hard to install right? Next, explore more Open Source software and install package and play around. Later on we will release a series of guide on how to install Apache, PHP and MySQL with OS X Lion Macports.