MIUI 7: Install Google Play Store and Google Services on Xiaomi Mi5 China ROM

After Xiaomi Mi5 gotten on our hand, what really matter to us is running Google Play Store on Xiaomi Mi5 China ROM. Many known that Google Services cannot be used in China mainland, but people like us outside of China couldn’t survive without Google Play Store, there are many good apps in Xiaomi Mi5 China Rom, but most of the apps cannot be used outside of China, due to content legality.

So, the questions are;

  1. Can MIUI 7 / MI5 China ROM run Google Services?
  2. Can MIUI 7/ MI5 China ROM sync with Google Contact and Calendar?
  3. Can MIUI 7 / MI5 China rom run Google Play Store?

The answer is: Yes! As long as you are outside of China 🙂 Those are in China, you can run behind the Great Firewall of China via you know how (VPN Services).

How do you get all the services we mentioned above running on Xiaomi Mi5 China ROM, especially on MIUI 7? When this guide is written, the Xiaomi MI5 China ROM unit is running on MIUI


If you are following the guide below, most probably you can get it work. But, please take note that kindly follow EVERY STEP ON THE GUIDE BELOW CAREFULLY, if you missed some steps, the Contact Sync might not work, we have spent some time to figure how to make Contact Sync and Calendar Sync work properly on MIUI 7.

The guide below will take you about 20 minutes to configure, depend on your Internet speed (we have 100Mbps good internet), if you are running VPN in China may take longer. But chill, follow slowly and make Google Play Store work on MIUI 7 China ROM 🙂

We tried to reproduce the installation from Factory Reset and also removing google services and re-installed. Both method works perfectly fine! So whether you are just power on your Xiaomi MI5 or been using for a while and decided to install Google Play Store, the guide below will surely works! We promised!

Let’s roll and start to have MIUI 7 China ROM run Google Services.

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

It’s the basic foremost steps, because Google services will be install outside of the App Store. To enable this, go to Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Unknown Sources


Step 2: Turn Off Screen Lock

Next, we want to focus on the installation and do not want to get disturb by screen lock. The screen must be always on and make sure we don’t miss out any pop out or etc. To turn off the screen lock, go to Settings > Lock screen & password > Sleep. Change it to Never.


Step 3: Install Google Play Installer a.k.a 谷歌安装器

We will use an installer to install google services such as (framework, calendar, services, contact etc) which called Google Play Installer (谷歌安装器).

First, launch App Store from home screen.


On the search bar type: googleplay in one word and click on 去百度搜索


Install the apps 谷歌安装器 by clicking on the “Install” button, after clicking it, it will still show “Install”, don’t worry about it, it’s already installed. Quit App Store and go to look for 谷歌安装器。




Step 4: Install Google Services with Google Play Installer (谷歌安装器)

Launch Google Play Install (谷歌安装器), and hit on “一键安装” to begin with the installation. Follow the step by step by simply clicking on “Install” and “Done”, DO NOT CLICK ON “Open” for now, let all the installation to be completed.  Google Play Services will take longer time to install, no fear about it.





Let the installation continue, and last step is Google Play Store installation, once the installation completed, DO NOT OPEN GOOGLE PLAY STORE yet. We are just 60% away from the completion.


Leave the Play Store there, DO NOT OPEN or LAUNCH it yet, we still have other steps to be completed. When we said do not open and launch, please don’t do so, don’t sign in with your Google account yet. The next step is critical to make the Google Services works!


Step 5: Apk or App Permission Settings for Google Services (Critical)

Well, these steps are important, if the permission did not grant property, the only thing will work is Google Play Store, other services like Contact, Calendar Sync will NOT WORK. Other apps like Google Photos, Gmail and Google+ may not work properly without getting the services permissions granted.

Go to Settings > Installed Apps > Downloaded and look for all the Google Services like

  1. Google Account Manager
  2. Google Calendar Sync
  3. Google Contact Sync
  4. Google Play services
  5. Google Play Store
  6. Google Services Framework




Let’s get start with Google Account Manager, tap on the app and scroll to the bottom look for “Permission Manager”.

Read this carefully, beside CHARGES item, all the rest must click “Accept”. Click on the “?” to change from “Notify” to Accept. Especially items related to contact, calendar and access accounts on device. All MUST GRANTED ACCEPT permission.


Continue with other Google apps permission manager settings.






Step 6: Reboot your Phone 😉

Well, a reboot is always best to make the services all work like charm. Let’s proceed with reboot.




Step 7: Final Step, Add Google Account in Settings

Yes, there are many ways to add Google Account, via Contact or Play Store. But it’s best to add the Google account in Settings. We tried added via Play Store but the Contact Sync strangely did not work.

Go to Settings > Other accounts and click on +






Tap on the Google account again and make sure Contact is sync. Go to your phone contact, you should be able to Create New Contact and save it into Google Account.






Last but not least, fire up your Play Store and check for Google Service updates, you might see thing like below asking you to update google services!


Well. That’s it, installing Google Services on MIUI 7 China ROM. Have fun running App Store and Google Play Store. Stay tune for other posts about MIUI 7, we have some useful tips to share shortly. Oh, don’t forget to enable your screen time out lock again 😉