Insert Image without Hyperlink in WordPress

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By default, insert image into your WordPress post will link to the original image or image attachment page. If you want to save time selecting “Link to: None” when inserting image into WordPress post, follow the steps below to set “Link to: None” by default;

1. Access to WordPress editor

2. Select “Theme Functions” file on the right panel

3. Insert the code below on top or bottom of functions.php or Theme functions file, seriously, anywhere will do, it will not break your theme.

function default_imglink_setting () 
	$img_link_option = get_option( 'image_default_link_type' );

	if ($img_link_option !== 'none') 
		update_option('image_default_link_type', 'none');

add_action('admin_init', 'default_imglink_setting', 5); 

Now, pick and image and insert into your new post, by default it will select “Link to: None” when inserting image into your post.

Yes, it saves you 0.003 miliseconds to select the drop down menu 😉