I want my Whatsapp Groups Chat Stay Silent Please!


Whatsapp has been widely use by people nowaday, no matter it’s for an organization, friend, or organizing a group meet up; Whatsapp seem like the common communication tools for everyone.

But, sometime it’s quite annoy when people keep on sending single message on whatsapp and your iPhone keep on beeping beeping, if not you, you will probably disturb people around you as well.

Here how to ask your whatsapp group chat to shut up; keep it silent 😉

1. Launch your Whatsapp apps on your iPhone

2. Tap on “Settings” on bottom right

3. Tap on “Notifications”


4. Look out for “GROUP NOTIFICATION” and tap on “Group Message”



5. Select “None” as your tone


That about it, your group message will remain silent. Don’t forget to inform your friend, any urgent matter always make a Call. People tend to use Whatsapp for everything now… Sometime it makes me want to “Delete” Whatsapp apps on my phone.