How to Setup Authy on Multiple Devices

If you are a regular user of Google Authenticator; or a heavy user like us having at least 10 accounts/services authenticate with Google Authenticator, and the common challenge + annoyed usually we face are;

  1. Running multiple mobile devices and wish to have other mobile device have google authenticator account setup as well.
  2. If you wish to setup the accounts on other devices, you need to retrieve the key to add into other mobile device, and it’s difficult to retrieve Google Authenticator keys unless your device is root.
  3. Lost your mobile phone  OR  your mobile phone not working anymore OR sometime accidentally remove Google Authenticator app from your mobile phone, you need to re-scan and setup the services/account authenticate with Google Authenticator.

Ever think of an App to setup your account with Google Authenticator just ONCE and the App is able to sync with other mobile devices to save your headache?

Here come the rescue with the app call Authy, it support both Android and iOS devices. We are so excited to share with you what Authy can do and it’s so far the best Two Factor authentication app on the planet, may be Mars!

Setup an Account with Authy

You can download the apps via App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) via Authy website. Setting up the account is easy, you just need a mobile phone no. and an email account.

1. Key in your mobile phone to create an account, the mobile phone will be the key identification to sync with multiple mobile devices.


2. An activation SMS will send to your mobile phone. Key in the activation code and next provide your email account and setup a master password to complete for registration. Please always use Strong password for your account setup like this.


You are done with Authy account creation, next is to setup an account with 2FA.

Add An Account with Two Factor Authentication into Authy

Next is adding an account with 2FA option, you can do it with Google Account, DropBox, Amazon AWS, Linode , Facebook and other service support two factor authentication via scanning the QR code.


Previously we have retrieved the keys via Google Authenticator (with root devices), we will add Amazon AWS account via key (obviously we will not show you own key :P)


An account has been added, Authy has an added security feature, it doesn’t allow user to do print screen on token key view.


We will write more about how to setup 2FA with other services with Authy later on. Next we will show how you setup Authy on other device.

Setup Authy on other Devices

If you would like to have 2FA code available on other devices, you don’t need to re-add the account like Google Authenticator via key (it’s very troublesome procedures we believe no ordinary user would do that). Here is the 2 mins setup.

  1. Key in your mobile phone no. where account has been setup earlier with
  2. Switch to the device has been running Authy, there is a notification will prompt on the device for approval process.


3. Tap on accept to approve second device access to Authy account.

how-to-setup-authy-on-multiple-devices-084. You will required to double confirm by key in the confirmation “OK”



5. Congrats, the second devices has been authenticated.



6. Switch back to second device, you will now required to key in the Master Password for authentication purposes.


The second devices has been setup, it will take around 1-2 minutes to sync with second device.

Setup Pinlock on Authy App

Another security feature offers by Authy is pin lock on the app. Which require user to login with pin when the launch is App or the App is inactive for 60 seconds.

  1. Tap 3 dots on top right corner and select “Settings”
  2. Go to Protection Pin, it will prompt for pin setup.


3. Tap on Protection Pin again. Select “Protect entire app” for better protection.


To disable pin lock just toggle “Protection Pin” and it will prompt your existing pin in order to disable pin lock.

That’s happen running 2FA with Authy App!