How To Restore Deleted Password in LastPass

Howdy, this is the first post of 2015. It has been a while taking a long break, almost a month break! Previously, we have accidentally a password in LastPass account, there were 2 passwords being stored in LastPass, but we were not able to identified which one is the working one, after deleted only realise the deleted password in LastPass is the working one, silly us.

But, the deleted password in LastPass can be restore with few clicks away. Follow the steps below to restore deleted password in LastPass.

1. Log on to LastPass and access to “My LastPass Vault”


2. After logged in, look at left panel and click on Tools > Advanced Tools > Show Deleted Items


3. Look for the password you would like to restore and click on “Undelete”


That’s it! We promised, more posts coming for year 2015 😉