How to Remove Wifi AP from iPhone

One of the iPhone feature is saving the Wifi AP you have connected before and you don’t need to connect to the Wifi AP again when you are near to the Wifi. But sometime the Wifi performance is not as good as you wanted, or the wifi does not supply internet to your phone, you need to remove the WiFi AP from your iPhone Wifi list.

For instance, you connected to Starbucks WiFi AP at location A, when you are at Location B Starbucks, the phone will automatically connected to the Starbucks WiFi AP, because the AP is using the same name. You found out that the WiFi service does not allow you to access to internet, then that is the time you need to remove the WiFi AP from your iPhone. Alternatively you can turn off the WiFi signal on your iPhone and it will use 3G/LTE network to go online.

Here are the steps how to remove WiFi AP from your iPhone.

1. Go to “Settings” and tap on for “Wi-Fi”



2. Click on the icon “i” which beside the lock, Wifi Signal icon.




3. Click on “Forget This Network”, it will remove the Wi-Fi access to the Wi-Fi AP.




Please take note that by doing this, you will need to re-connect the Wi-Fi AP manually on your next visit. Alternatively, as mentioned before, you can turn off your Wi-Fi signal and access via mobile data network.