How to Install Command Line Tools in OSX Maverick

Failing to compile stuff when you trying to compile some software in OSX Maverick? Most probably you do not have command line tools install in OSX Maverick yet.

Follow the steps below to install Command Line Tools in OSX Maverick.

1. Open up your “Terminal” application (If you are a developer, you should know what does it means)

2. Type: xcode-select install, you should have a pop up saying downloading the necessary tools.


3. It will take sometime to do the installation, once it’s complete, it will prompt up a Done screen


4. Before compiling stuff, make sure your have the latest Command Line Tools by checking software updates. Failing to update to latest Command Line Tools may lead to failing to compile software


5. To view what is installed on Command Line Tools;

$ cd /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin
$ ls 


6. Try type: gcc in your terminal. If you get a return error “clang: error: no input files”, it means you can now start compiling software in OSX Maverick.

Next, you can exploring installing software via Brew

You can also follow video tutorial below how to install Command Line Tools in OS X Maverick