How to Enable the “White” Menu Button on iPhone

iOS 7

Recently we noticed quite a lot people like to use the “white” button appear on the iPhone which help to quickly access to Home, Volume up/down, Lock screen and create your favorite menu. Some said it’s convenience and some said to protect their Home button on iPhone. We are not quite sure are there a lot of iOS users having Home button issue? We know there were once iPhone 4 Home button not working as expected.

Well, the “White” button on iPhone is called AssistiveTouch, what a cool name isn’t it? It’s AssitiveTouch! In one line, without the space in between. If you are one of those would like to try out the White button, here is how to enable AssistiveTouch.

1. As usual, go to your Settings section, tap on “General”


2. Look for “Accessibility”


3. Scroll all the way down, almost hit the bottom, tap on “AssistiveTouch” (Yep, one word)


4. Slide it to turn On the feature, immediately you will see the White Button appear.