How to Enable Battery Percentage in Android N 7.0 via System UI Tuner

Well well well, got the Nexus 6P device enrolled with Android N Beta program. Previously in Marshmallow, pull down the quick setting will display the battery percentage beside juice level, but it’s not on Android N. It’s now part of quick setting items as shown below.




Can battery percentage display on the juice icon? Hmm, yes! Via System UI Tuner, a small tweak option in Android N. Here is how to enable System UI Tuner in Android N.

Pull down quick setting, press and hold on Settings (gear icon) for 3-5 seconds, and System UI Tuner will be activated. Or, refer to the video below.

In System UI Tuner, battery percentage can be enabled to display in the battery juice bar, and some other things to play with i.e enable time’s second to be displayed on the top menu.

Looking forward the public release of Android N 7.0, soonest from google.