How to Configure Manual Backup to Time Machine in OSX

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One of our favorite backup tools in Mac OSX is Time Machine, it came with OSX by default. It’s the greatest backup tools for Mac OSX and the intuitive UI make it so easy to restore the data from your backup.

By default, time machine will perform auto backup once the back up disk is selected from your external hard drive. But one of the thing annoy us is the frequency of backup to the external hard disk happening quite often. It also did intensive read/write to the external hard disk, in other word, it’s not good for your external disk doing too much of read/write.

We believe we are discipline person and know when to do our back up 😉 If you are like us, would like to configure time machine perform backup manually, please follow the steps below;

1. Launch time machine preference at System Preferences


2. Turn “Off” Time Machine backup


3. Click on Backup to backup your data to Time Machine when you feel like backing it up.


Please remember, you need to be very discipline to click on “Back Up Now” whenever you have completed an important work. 😉 Otherwise you might not have you work save periodicly.