How to Check WordPress Latest Release

Check Wordpress Latest Release

How to Check WordPress Latest Release – Why Should I Bother?

Check WordPress Latest Release

WordPress is the fastest growing blogging system been using most of the blogger. WordPress is an open source software and one of the problem with open source software is security risk. Which mean you have to make sure your WordPress is running at the latest version when there is WordPress latest release to public. So, how to check wordpress latest release and keep us notify?

Check WordPress Latest Release – Where is the Annoucement

When there is new version of WordPress release, it will be announced at WordPress Release blog, that is the place for you to check WordPress latest release, ufortunately does not provide notification mailing list when there is official new release.

Check WordPress Latest Release – Notify Me Please

At NoReplied, we have an initiative announce latest WordPress release to our read. So that you don’t have ot check wordpress latest release daily on website. If you would like get notify when there is new release of WordPress, please Subscribe to NoReplied Newsletter on the right side of this article.