How to Check Computer’s Domain Name and Name on Windows

When I am browsing my network share folder, I can see a lot of computer workgroup, name and domain. Our computer name and domain were set by the system admin in the company. I was curious what is my computer name and fall under which domain group. So I did a check on my laptop, btw I am running Windows XP Professional

  • 1. Click the Start and Control Panel (if you are using the Classic Start menu, Click on Start menu, Settings, and Control Panel).
  • 2. In Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, and System icon (or, if you are using the Classic View, double-click the System icon in the first Control Panel window).
  • 3. In the System Properties window, select the Computer Name tab.
  • 4. The name of your computer will be listed as the Full computer name.
  • 5. The domain your computer belongs to will be listed as the Domain. If, instead of Domain, you see Workgroup, your computer is not a member of any domain.