How to Bulk Remove and Delete Music on MyTouch 3G Smart Phone

Sometime it’s not fun to load ton of musics into your mobile phone. If you have the same problem like me. loaded more than 1000 songs into your MyTouch 3G Smart Phone, here is the quick way to remove those Lady Gaga, Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift songs from your phone.

  • Open Music Player
  • Go to “Manage My Music”
  • “Erase”
  • Select the song(s) you want to erase
  • Hit “Done”

You want a even better and faster way?

Other ways to erase, plug your phone into your computer, hit “Data” when you’re prompted to on the phone. Go to Settings > Tools > USB Mass Storage….Go to My Computer on your PC (if you’re using a PC) and double click on the Removable Memory of your phone’s microsd card, go to “my_music” and just erase the songs from there.

  • Go to Settings
  • USB Auto Detection
  • Ask On Plug
  • Plug your phone to PC
  • Select “Data”
  • From your PC, go to My Computer
  • Select Removable Memory
  • go to “my_music”, and you know what you want to do next. Delete!