Gmail: How to Mark Unread Emails as Read

How many unread email does it shows on your Google Gmail Account? 10? 200? 3000? 40,000? I’ve been using Gmail account since year 2006. Most of my email were download into email client software like Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail.

When the email was downloaded into the email client, it usually doesn’t mark read on your Gmail account. Unless your email was read on Gmail mobile phone client on Android or iOS, then the email will make as read.

How many unread email display on my gmail account currently? Don’t be surprise, it’s 24,621 unread email shown as I print screen right now. I’ve decided to mark those unread email as read, since 90% email was actually read on laptop email client.


Here is the steps on how to mark 24,621 email unread email as read.

1. On your gmail account, search box type in “is: unread”


2. Click on selection option and “All”


3. All the email on the page is now selected. But, that is not all.


4. Click “Select all messages that match this search

5. Now, all the Unread emails are selected


6. Click on “More” action and select “Mark as read”


7. The confirmation pop up. Click “Ok” google!


8. It will take some time for Google to mark those selected unread email as read, as Google doesn’t know you actually click all Unread email as Read. If there is option to do that, I believe it would be faster.


9. Done! Unread became zero!



Now the unread notification on your mobile phone, should be a “real life” numbers of unread emails 😉