Get me out from Chicken VNC Full Screen on Mac

Chicken VNC

The 13″ Macbook Pro doesn’t give us the full resolutions when connecting into linux machine on Chicken VNC. One of the mode to use on Chicken VNC is – Full screen. The full screen mode at least allow us to view a proper desktop environment on Chicken VNC.

I never use Full Screen before because most of the time my machine will be connected to large LED Screen. But sometime while you work remotely you don’t have that screen luxury.

Entering full screen on Chicken VNC is not a rocket science step, just navigate to Window > Fullscreen Mode. But getting out from the full screen mode for the first time is rocket science 😉

The shortcut key to exit fullscreen mode from Chicken VNC on Mac is; control + Alt/Option + Command + “`”

Where is “`”? It’s right beside the esc (escape) key.

Hope we save your day like how we got saved.