Galaxy S7 Edge: How to Shoot your Photo in RAW and other Mode

One of the thing I like the most on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the – CAMERA (I take a lot picture daily). It’s super fast, and focus is super quick, because of its Dual Pixel Camera! The best is.. the camera on S7 Edge can take RAW photo.

Here is how you can enable RAW mode on Samsung S7 Edge Camera.

Step 1: Change to Pro mode

Fire up the Camera apps, and look at MODE on left bottom of camera apps.


Tap on MODE

Choose Pro mode from mode options.


Tap on Pro

Step 2: Enable RAW and Save in SD Card

Go to Setting, top left corner icon.


Tap on Setting

Toggle to enable RAW. The image will save in 2 formats, Raw and JPG, you can choose to save the photos into SD Card as well.


It’s all ready! Now you can shoot your photos in RAW.

Sport Shot, Beauty Face and other Modes

There are other shooting modes can be enabled on  S7 Edge camera too. Explore more from the store.

Go back to MODE again, and on top tap on DOWNLOAD


Tap on Download


Download other Modes

You can try out other modes and shot like a Pro.