Galaxy S7 Edge: How to Change Mobile Hotspot Name and Password

How to change Mobile Wifi hotspot name and Password on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? If you would like to create mobile wifi hotspot name and strong password, here is how to do it.

Please remember to create a strong password like J8M*w&tthM7X, or at least something unique like your mobile phone no., personal date of birth, car no. plate or etc. Weak password such as admin123, password123, 12345678, 88888888 may lead to any public people surrounding you connect to your phone and utilize your mobile phone data plan.

Before we proceed, make sure that your Wifi Hotspot is turned off.

  1. Go to Settings -> Mobile hotspot and tethering


2. Tap on Mobile hotspot. Currently it’s turned off.


3. Tap on “More” on top right corner, select “Configure Mobile hotspot”



4. Network Name is your Hotspot Name. Select WPA2 PSK as strong wifi password protection, key in wifi pass with minimal 8 character + numeric combination. Tap on Save when it’s done.


The setting is done, enable mobile hotspot and search for your Galaxy  S7 Edge hotspot device. Remember always form the Strong Password for mobile hotspot password.