Free Photo Editing Software in Windows 7

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Do you know there is a free photo editing software for Windows 7 by Microsoft? By default, there is no photo editing software come with Windows 7, unlike Mac OSX comes with Preview, great software to do editing.

In Windows 7, if you would like to crop an image by default will be using Paint software. But it doesn’t seem like what we want, if you are looking for a free photo editing software in Windows 7, do download Photo Gallery software by Microsoft.

Follow the steps below to download free photo editing software in Windows 7.

1. Before proceeding with download, make sure you do not have Photo Gallery install in your machine, otherwise you are proceeding steps which you are not require, click on Windows Key and type “Photo Gallery”, if there is nothing found from the search, continue with step 2.

2. Go to Microsoft’s Photo Gallery website and hit on download button.


3. After downloaded, proceed with installation step. You can select to install All Essential Software or install photo gallery software only.


4. Press Windows Key again, and type “Photo Gallery”, you should be able to see Photo Gallery software.


Enjoy with the Free editing software in your Windows 7. 😉