Firefox Close Tab Shortcut

Firefox Close Tab By Shortcut Key

Firefox close tab shortcut key is useful when you are a keyboard short cut user. With firefox close tab shortcut key, you can close any of your current browsing tab immediately, just by triggering firefox close tab short cut key.

Firefox Close Tab Shortcut

What is Firefox Close Tab Shortcut Key

Firefox runs in several platforms, which are Windows, Mac and Linux. But no worry, firefox close tab shortcut key is almost the same on all the platforms.

Below is the firefox close tab shortcut key in different platforms.

Microsoft Windows 7/Windows XP: Ctrl + w
Apple Mac OS X Leopoard/Snow Leopard: Apple Command + w
Linux Fedora/Ubuntu/CentOS: Ctrl + w

Beside Firefox Close Tab Shortcut…

There are many more short cut keys on Mozilla Firefox, you can refer to official Firefox documentation for more information