Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging on OnePlus 2

This is a pre requisite step; if you want to play with adb and fastboot command with OnePlus 2 or any Android phone. USB debugging needs to be enabled on any Android in order to have your Android phone and adb/fastboot command communicate via laptop/pc.

To enable developer options and USB debugging on OnePlus 2, follow the steps below. (it’s similar to other Android phone, you can try it out).

Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging


  1. Go to Settings, scroll to the bottom and look for “About phone”
  2. Look for “Build number”, doing continuous tap until you see “You are now a developer!”


    Continue tapping it!


  3. Go back to Settings and look for “Developer options”, right above “About phone”
  4. Make sure Developer options is “On”


  5. Go to USB Debugging and tap to enable


  6. Don’t worry about the warning, if you are a Developer ;). Tap on OK!


That’s it, USB Debugging is enabled, you can now doing stuff like a geek, or trying to root your OnePlus2 phone!

The steps above are similar with other Android phone, look for the Build Number and continue tapping it will enable Developer Options.