Enable Chinese Language PinYin on Android SwiftKey Keyboard

Finally, Android’s phone most popular keyboard, Swiftkey now support Chinese Languages. In the list you can see it support Chinese PinYin Simplified, Taiwan Traditional and Hong Kong Traditional; which are 简体中文,繁体台湾,繁体香港。The auto-complete is as good as English auto-complete language pack. It took a while for Swiftkey officially support Chinese Language. We think it worth for the wait 😉

How to Enable Chinese Language on Swiftkey

Can’t wait to fire up Chinese languages in your Android SWiftkey, follow the quick steps below to enable Chinese Language in Swiftkey

1. Tap on and hold access to setting screen


2. Tap on Settings


3. Tap on Languages


4. Scroll to the bottom and tap to install the Chinese Language


5. Installation started immediately


6. Scroll Up, and select the Chinese Language pack. Tap on the language pack to change the Layout


7. It support multiple layout such as Full Key拼音(pinyin),Stroke and 9 Key 拼音 (Pinyin)


8. Hold and Swipe on the space bar to change language


9. It supported full pinyin and auto complete.


That’s it, you are not able to type in Chinese language with super fast SwiftKey keyboard. If you are like us, switch keyboard to Google PinYin to type in Chinese, now Google PinYin can officially retired from our Android phone 😉

Have fun and enjoy.