Do You Know There is a Disposable Email?

What does a Disposable Email looks like? An email account created without your personal details, it’s an temporary email account for you to use it to receive email confirmation i.e Account Registration on website. Does it makes sense? It does actually, especially if you want to protect your privacy, or your email account being spam by the marketers.

There is a service provider called Mailinator provide such service, you don’t have to fill in the form with personal details for email account creation, just a click away to have your own Inbox available, the account will be used to “receive” email only.

I learned about this services from a recent hack by a developer using Mailinator to “hack” OnePlus2 Invite system, and Mailinator became “useful” on these “hack”, it seems Mailinator also provide useful API as well, which can help developer to do automation and development stuff.

You might want to check out.