Check Point Firewall Client Java Unavailable Error

I was trying to setup the check point firewall (SSL Network Extender) client on a Windows 7 laptop. I have tried all the possibilities to install/upgrade Java to latest version but still getting “Java unavailable” error message.


Ever since Java gone through the security breach, they have strenghten the security feature, to me it’s making it harder for a dummy user to configure it.

By default the Java security protection level is set at the medium level. Some of the third party or unverified software might not able to run the applet with that kind of level setting.

In order to make it works, follow the step below;

1. Go to “Control Panel”
2. Open up “Java” console
3. Go to “Security” tab, and “Edit Site List”
4. Add your Check Point Firewall SSL Network Extender Gateway address


That’s about it. After that refresh Check Point Firewall SSL Network Extender page, you should get the prompt to donwload the software and get connected to the gateway 😉