Can Xiaomi Mi5 China Model Uses in Malaysia?

I was in ShangHai recently and paid a visit to Xiaomi Store(小米之家)at Shanghai, the store just recently opened in ShangHai.


I’ve been reading a lot good things about MIUI China ROM, it get faster updates and more stable if compare with MIUI Global ROM. I was contemplating to get one Xiaomi Mi5 in China, looking at 5″ phone so Redmi Note 3 and Mi Max definitely not on my list.

Xiaomi Mi5 just recently launched in Malaysia (25 June 2016) at the price of RM1549. Did a quick check in the store, the similar spec 3GB RAM + 32GB space is at RMB1999 (after conversion is around RM1,280). Woops… it’s RM250++ cheaper. There are also 4GB Ram + 128GB space at RMB2699. I am not looking at the higher specs at the moment (no phone can beat Samsung S7 Edge! for now).


It’s cheaper, and it runs China Rom, and my feet are stepping in the store, why not just buy it? The question popped my mind, can Xiaomi Mi5 China model uses in Malaysia? Does it support FD-LTE and our spectrums? Did a quick check on the website of Xiaomi Mi5 specs, it said support all network (TDD or FDD). Without hesitation, I made the purchase (transacted price after conversion is RM1287.xx).

After unwrap, there is a sticker at the back stated – TD-LTE phone. Oppsss, that made me a little regretted, thinking it might not work in Malaysia. After touched down into KL, immediately swapped the sim in and…


Yea, the Xiaomi (小米) Mi5 China Model can be used in Malaysia. Immediately get LTE network connected and it’s really – works! So any of you out there interested to get a XiaoMi Mi5 China unit, go ahead 😉