Android: How to Transfer File Remotely Between 2 Phones

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I was trying to find a good method to transfer files remotely between 2 Android phones. It can be transfers a Pictures from Phone A to Phone B or transferring Whatsapp files between 2 Android phones.

Here is the method that might help if you plan to transfer data from Android phone A Android phone B. Please take note that usually only the files on SD folder or /mnt/sd folder can do the transfer, but not the system files.

Tools to Transfer File Remotely Between 2 Android Phones

The apps we are going to use are;

  1. ES File Explorer
  2. Same Wifi network or WiFi hotspot.

ES File Explorer is an easy to use and powerful tools, before we proceed showing how the transfer work, make sure the 2 Android phones are connected on the same WiFi, it can be your Home Wifi network, or you a Wifi Hotspot on one of the Phone, and have another phone connect to it. We do not recommend you transfer via Public Wifi Hotspot due to security reason.

How to Transfer Files Between 2 Android via ES File Explorer

Once you have both phones connected on the same Wifi, launch ES File Explorer on both of the phones and follow the steps below.

  1. Select the file/folder you would like to transfer. In the example below, we would to transfer an image, folder can be transfer as well.Android-Transfer-File-Remotely-01
  2. After the file/folder has been selected, tap on “Send” optionAndroid-Transfer-File-Remotely-02
  3. Make sure the recipient phone has ES File Explorer running, it will scan the phone on the same WiFi Network.Android-Transfer-File-Remotely-03
  4. After a quick scan, you should be able to see another phone which will receive the file. Select the recipient phone and tap on the send icon on top right cornerAndroid-Transfer-File-Remotely-04
  5. A status screen will show the progress of the files will be sending to.Android-Transfer-File-Remotely-05
  6. Now, we look at what is showing on the recipient phone, or rather Phone B that will receive the file.Android-Transfer-File-Remotely-06
  7. After tap on OK, select the folder you want to save the file, from the example below, we look for Download folder.Android-Transfer-File-Remotely-07Android-Transfer-File-Remotely-08
  8. The file will start transferring and showing the progress status.Android-Transfer-File-Remotely-09
  9. Done, the file has been transferred! You can choose to open the files or open location of the saved file.Android-Transfer-File-Remotely-10

We found ES File Explorer is quite reliable and useful for transferring file/folder remotely between 2 Android phones. If you have better method of transfer file remotely between 2 Android phones, do share with us too.