Quick and Easy Way to Install adb and fastboot on OnePlus 2

Many of you may not know, OnePlus 2 actually come with adb and fastboot installer, some said OnePlus is the phone for geek, there is a reason behind it (I mean, why would they provide you tools like adb and fastboot?)

When you plug OnePlus 2 into your PC/Laptop/Mac, you will see another drive is prompting up. OnePlus2-adb-fastboot-01

OnePlus_USB_Drivers_Setup is the program that installing OnePlus2 USB Drivers, and also adb and fastboot into your Windows machine.

adb_config_Linux_OSX.sh is the shell executable file that will install (or rather move binary) file into your Mac/Linux for adb and fastboot installation.

adb and fastboot installation on Windows

Double click on the executable file OnePlus_USB_Drivers_setup.exe will start the installation as below;



Click on Install to start the installation




Don’t worry about the warning, there is no harm driver OnePlus want to install on your machine, click “Install this driver software anyway” to continue with the installation.




Finish it up! Next, launch your command prompt and type the command below


Do not worry with the status of “unauthorized”, it’s because you have not authorized your phone for the machine/laptop/pc connect to your phone yet. On your OnePlus 2 phone, make sure you have tap and authorize the machine to access OnePlus 2 phone.



Now you can do adb query to your phone, but before that do make sure that you have USB debugging enabled in Developer Options.

adb and fastboot Command Test

Yep, adb command is working, but what about fastboot? If you want to play with the adb command, follow us through the command below

run adb devices again, to confirm your device still intact.

Great.. Shall we do a reboot on your OnePlus 2 into fastboot mode?

Below is how it should look like when it’s in fastboot mode


Now, run the command below in fastboot mode and check is your device able to read by fastboot command.

That is your device, you can do continue with bootloader hack. We shall reboot the phone back to normal

Have fun explore your OnePlus 2 with adb and fastboot command.