ifconfig Command Not Found in Centos 7

Help! When I type “ifconfig” in Centos 7 and it returned “Command Not Found”. No worry, your CentOS 7 is not broken, it’s a minimal installation and ifconfig command doesn’t come with CentOS 7 minimal install.

To bring back “ifconfig” command, follow the quick steps below;

1. Use “yum provides” command to look for what package provide ifconfig command


2. The returned result show “net-tools” provide ifconfig command, that is what we need to install!


3. Done with the installation, next run “ifconfig” command and confirm “command not found” is not happening again 😉


Cool? No more “Command not found” error when run “ifconfig” command in CentOS 7.

Video: How to Install ifconfig on CentOS 7