How to Fix Exim Error: segfault at 0 ip.

With the latest CVE issued by Exim development team, we upgraded Exim to latest version which is Exim 4.88 and found bunch of segfault error after the upgrade as below;

On our mail server setup, we have Exim relay servers run facing the public internet before the email get delivered to Exim Mail Server. We are quite a numbers of emails were stuck in the relay servers, especially those established with TLS connections.

Strangely the error only shown “retry time not reach for host… ” as below

When issued the force deliver exim -M <message-id>, immediately you can see segfault error in Exim Mail Server via /var/log/syslog (in our case, running on CentOS 7).

The relay servers will return “broken pipe” error message;

Clearly, something has broken and your emails are not coming in 😉

As of today (7 Mar 2016), Exim developers are working on the fix, the temporary workaround is adding “chunking_advertise_hosts =” into exim.conf, at exim main config area. Something like below;

Save exim config and restart exim services. Enjoy seeing email flooding in 😉